Rajon Rondo believes the poor NBA season that the Boston Celtics are having will continue even if he gets back to full fitness. 

Rondo missed the start of the NBA season suffering from an ACL injury, and even after his NBA return he is still visibly below par. 

The Celtics have lost seven of their last eight games and they it bottom of the Atlantic Division in the Easter Conference.

“Even when I do come back to 110 percent, we’re still going to lose games,” the point guard told the Globe recently.

This kind of defeatist attitude is definitely out of character for Rondo, who once brashly called the Celtics “the team to beat” in the East in 2011, after Boston had clawed its way to the Finals the year before.

If Boston continue to lose games it could actually benefit the franchise going forward, with the possibility of high draft picks on the table for next season. 

It remains to be seen whether the Celtics choose to give up on their season and just tank the rest away. 

Rondo will definitely up for tanking that's for sure. 

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