Over the past few seasons there’s been plenty of examples of transfers that don’t work out for one reason or another.

Perhaps the worst case scenario however, for the club who’s buying at least, is where the player in question endures a terrible spell at his new home before reversing his decision and returning to his old one, usually at the expense of the original purchasers.

Even when a player is comfortable at his new club there’s always the chance that he may one day fancy a return to his old haunt, particularly if he’s in a team with strong financial backing who will invariably deploy a mantra wherein they are constantly changing their team.

With recent rumours rife with the news that Robin van Persie could demand a return to his once beloved Arsenal in the summer, who are the biggest names who could be set to reverse the transfers of their past in the near future?

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Alex Song
Fernando Torres
Jack Rodwell
Robin Van Persie
Premier League
Shinji Kagawa