Tottenham Hotspur's Christian Eriksen, who usually has a reputation of being a constant menace to the opponents defence, has taken it to a new level by making a little boy cry.

In an ad for Samsung as part of a Euro 2012 campaign, Eriksen is seen on the streets of Copenhagen, signing autographs and entertaining the crowd by showing off some of his skills before letting a young blonde boy join in on the action.

As the boy tirelessly tries to take the ball from Eriksen, the Danish international then performs an audacious nutmeg on the child known only as Bertram.

Bertram, who can only be about 3-4 years old, is still wise enough to realise he's just been made a fool and is clearly not happy before running off to his father in tears.

Eriksen, who is used to humiliating opponents with his skills down the wing, never expected such a reaction and could only laugh nervously after the father was left holding an inconsolable child in his arms.

At least the father could see the funny side.

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