Crazy 49ers fan appears at Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Parade

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Niners fan dares to dream
Niners fan dares to dream.

How did a San Francisco 49ers fan end up at the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Parade today?

Maybe he lost a bet with a Seattle friend of his. He could have just wanted to see what success looks like, or maybe he was just simply lost. 

All we know is he took his life in his own hands when woke up this morning and thought about going to the Seahawks homecoming parade. 

What kind of a sane person does something like this really? 

The Seahawks bash is going on today with more than 700,000 '12th Man' fans in full voice.  

@CAVEmagJay had this to say on Twitter. "At Seahawks Super Bowl celebration at Century Link. This guy has guts, plain and simple."

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