Texas A&M have one very special commit this signing day. And he won't even play a single snap for the Aggies.

Cornerback Cedric Collins had verbally committed to Texas A&M in August of 2012 prior to his junior season of high school, before tragedy struck in the 2012 playoffs.

After a hit in a game left him with numbness in his legs a discovery of Klippel-Feil Syndrome, a rare congenital fusion of vertebrae, was made. The condition made continuing to play football too dangerous for the young man. 

But in an incredibly heart warming move, coach Kevin Sumlin is still honoring the scholarship that was offered to Collins in order to let him attend university and pursue a degree. 

“He’s got the same scholarship,that the starting quarterback has” Collins’ father said to the Dallas News, sporting a hat stamped with an A&M logo.

Collins doctor Dr. Andrew Dossett said the young man is fortunate he didn’t suffer serious injury during years of playing football, and went on to say that risk of paralysis was a very real and serious threat.

Collins will work as a student coach at A&M and has stated that he would like to go after a career in coaching in the future.

Sometimes college football can seem a murky place, but it's nice to know that there are still stories like going on. 

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