2) Getting the credit for an “own-basket”

Basketball is a fairly simple game in it’s most basic form.

Put the ball in your opponents basket more times that they put it in yours and you win the game.

But that is the key – “your opponents basket”.

Sometimes players get a little confused in the heat of the battle, and so when players accidently put the ball in their own basket there has to be someone who gets the credit.

Of course the culprit cannot get a negative point, and so the various basketball bodies have come up with their own interpretations.

In college basketball, as well as gaining the benefactors two-points regardless of where the shot comes in, no player is credited with the points.Instead the score is recorded in a footnote.

In the NBA, it pays to be close to the action when it happens. The extra points are given to the player who, at the time, is nearest to the man who puts it in his own basket.

While in a FIBA ruling, the captain of the benefiting team is credited with the points.

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