Watch: Lego highlights of Seahawks - Broncos Super Bowl 2014

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Suffering from the post Super Bowl blues?

Still craving more football?

Like building models out of tiny little bits of plastic?

Then sit back and enjoy this excellent reenactment of Sunday nights clash between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos - made entirely out of lego by the people at the Guardian newspaper.

Using stop-motion techniques, and including every intricate detail of the game, the three-minute video gives us the highlights of the Seahawks demolition like we have never seen.

Watch the early safety, Harvin's excellent kick return, and Peyton Manning struggle against the 'legion of boom'.

The only negative? No sign of richard Sherman's flowing dreadlocks.

And we never realised how content the Broncos quarterback was when watching his side capitulate from the bench. 

Truly sterling work. 

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