Washington suspends two players following attack

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Suspended quarterback Cyler Miles
Suspended quarterback Cyler Miles.

The University of Washington announced on Thursday that two football players have been suspended indefinitely by head coach Chris Petersen, according to the Seattle Times.

The players suspended by the program were quarterback Cyler Miles and wide receiver Damore’ea Stringfellow. No further information was released in the statement as to the nature of the suspensions, but a police report posted by Kiro 7 gives details.

"According to police reports, a white car pulled up behind a man as he walked along NE 55th St. after the Seahawks won Sunday night.

Two people, including one the victim identified as Stringfellow, hopped out of the car and asked him if he was a Seahawks fan before pushing him against some bushes.

Then they began hit him with “multiple punches” to his “left eye, chin, and cheek” before the hopped back in the car and took off, according to the report.

The victim searched the UW football team roster online and found the two players he says attacked him."

At least one of the football players was identified as a suspect in an earlier assault near a post-Super Bowl bonfire on the corner of NE 47th Street and 19th Avenue NE.

In that incident, a female victim was knocked down and had her camera damaged by one of the suspects.

Both of the suspects were described as wearing Broncos gear.

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