NFL Draft number one hopeful Blake Bortles has plenty to prove February 19th when the NFL Combine begins, as he strives to become more famous than his own girlfriend

Bortles' fame came from left-field when his girlfriend appeared in a photoshoot that went viral, and he became famous across America overnight for his skills off the field.

On the field he started to gain his own reputation when he carved open the Baylor defense on the way to securing UCF a Fiesta Bowl win in January, a feat which has led to Houston Texans coach Bill O'Brien to state his interest in the quarterback. 

The Texans have the number one pick in the NFL Draft, and although they are likely to pick owner favorite Johnny Manziel, it's understood that O'Brien likes Bortles

Houston will likely make their mind up next week at the Combine, where Bortles will show his physical capabilities to all. 

Bortles is one of the most searched sports athletes around on Google at this current time, and now it seems draft related searches are more popular than searches related to his girlfriend. 

That is likely to continue as we get down to NFL Draft day in May, with the Texans likely to trade down and pick up Bortles later in the draft. 

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