New NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has only been in the hot seat for a matter of days, but he is already looking to make his mark on the game.

Scott Howard-Cooper of tweeted: "Increasing the age limit to 20 is a priority for Adam Silver. It will be a topic of discussion once the union hires an executive director."

The increase in the age limit would mean college players would have to stay in school until after their sophomore year, replacing the 'one and done' situation that happens now. 

Players who choose to go overseas and play instead of college after high school must be out an average of two years in order to enter the draft.

Any changes would likely take a year or two to be implemented, so the current freshman crop containing Andrew Wiggins of Kansas and Kentucky's Julius Randle will still be able to enter the league this season if they so desire.

Former commissioner David Stern tried to push through the same legislation during the NBA’s last CBA talks in 2012, but was turned down.

"We would love to add a year, but that's not something that the players' association has been willing to agree to," Stern said in 2012. "They would probably say, 'What would you give us?'"

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