Jets will win Super Bowl before Giants, according to NFL fans

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Ryan celebrates late season win at Miami
Ryan celebrates late season win at Miami .

The New York Jets team can only be excited by the result of Super Bowl XLVIII for two reasons. 

First of all it showcased the disparity between the NFC and the AFC, with the latter lightyears behind this season. This is good for the Jets because it means there not far away from getting to the higher echelons of the AFC again.

The other reason that the Super Bowl shows the Jets have reason to feel excited is because Seattle Seahawks became World Champions on the back of strong defense.

With this in mind, the New York Daily News has ran a poll to see which New York team fans think is the closest to winning a Championship.

When asked by the news outlet who they thought was closer to winning a Super Bowl, fans answered with a resounding nod in the direction of the Jets, with a favourable 71% of the vote over the Giants 29%.


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