Could the NFL draft be set to swap Radio City for Chicago?

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Radio City has hosted since 2006
Radio City has hosted since 2006.

If Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel has his way the NFL draft could be headed for the windy city.

In a discussion with the Chicago Tribune, Emanuel discussed his hopes of bringing either the Super Bowl or the draft to his city:

"I would say that there are two things in pro football I would love to see in Chicago, either one of them or both: the NFL draft and the Super Bowl...

"both would be great attractions for the city to bring national attention, we'll work on both.," 

Emanuel has long made public his desire to bring a Super Bowl to Chicago, although the temperamental climate of the city has led many to reject the plans outright.

The indoor nature of a draft may therefore prove more viable.

"Would having the NFL draft here be good for the city and for the NFL? The answer is yes," he told the Tribune in a recent telephone interview.

The draft has been held in New York City since its inception, and at the iconic Radio City Music Hall since 2006, but with this year's event delayed due to venue contractual commitments, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell suggested last year that the league will begin scouting other potential venues.

And Emanuel is hoping to make Chicago top of the list.


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