Masahiro Tanaka's flight to New York cost $195,000

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Tanaka will address the media on Tuesday
Tanaka will address the media on Tuesday.

Masahiro Tanaka, the New York Yankees record free-agency signing is not exactly short of money these days. The Japanese ace will be paid $155 million over the course of his contract and he has already spent a bit of that, on the airfare to New York.

Tanaka hired a chartered private Japanese Airways jet to fly himself, his dog and his wife to New York for a cool $195,000. Three other members of Tanaka's entourage were also flown over to the Big Apple.

The ace will be presented to the media on Tuesday but a Japanese baseball official defended his expensive entrance to the country, saying that he chartered the aircraft so he could arrive "in the best of form"

At the airport in Japan, Tanaka claimed that: “It’s a (chartered) private jet. It’s not something the Yankees have prepared.”

Tanaka had 24-0 record and a 1.27 ERA in the Japanese league last season with the Golden Eagles.

Yankees GM, Brian Cashman said that Tanaka could be a "solid number three starter."

New York Yankees
New York Yankees
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