One of the hot topics in the NBA right now surrounds whether or not it matters which position the Miami Heat or Indiana Pacers end in the Eastern Conference. 

Most commentators seem to think that the Pacers desperately need to hold onto top seed, but for the Heat, the consensus is that it doesn't matter so much. 

In essence, it depends on the team. Some teams like the Miami Heat will always have the quality and experience to come from deep in the play-offs if ever they needed to. 

However, those teams with less experience are likely to burn out before they get anywhere near the NBA Finals. 

Here at GMS, we thought we'd take a look at the last five seasons as an example of whether regular season results translate into play-off success, and thus we can assess how important the regular season actually is. 

An important stat to start off with is the one which depicts the teams sitting in the play-off seeds 5-8 having no chance in the post-season. Out of those teams in either conference, none has made the NBA Finals in the last five seasons.

But this doesn't mean that you have to finish in the top seed position in either conference to progress though. 

In the last five seasons only one of the Eastern Conference winners has come from the top seed in the conference, whereas the West boosts two.

In fact, two out of the last three Eastern Conference winners have been number two seeds.  

So what does this all mean for teams like the Heat and the Pacers?

Well because there is such a fine line between the two teams, the team with less experience of winning, i.e. the Pacers, need as much help as they can get.

The Heat on the other hand will believe they can win from anywhere.

As we've found in the past, NBA Champions are not the most consistent team in the NBA, they are the team that can perform on any given day.  

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