Top 8: Greatest leaders in football

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Do Chelsea have the upper hand in terms of leaders?
Do Chelsea have the upper hand in terms of leaders?.

Earlier on today former Manchester United star Paul Ince described his old club’s woes as being down to a lack of a solid leader.

Though this point may be open to debate, particularly with Nemanja Vidic in mind, it’s one of the more reasonable excuses for their poor form this season.

In fairness to Ince, virtually every great side in the history of the game has had at least one natural born leader within their squad. They’re a rare commodity in modern day football, but boy does it make a difference when you have one.

So if Ince is right, and United’s shortcomings can be pinned on the fact that they’re bereft of a man capable of showing them the way, which teams can boast such a player?

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Steven Gerrard
Cristiano Ronaldo
Iker Casillas
Premier League
John Terry
Vincent Kompany
Frank Lampard
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