One of the most intriguing sports stories to emerge over the last week or so involved slam dunk extraordinaire of the LA Clippers Blake Griffin and quiffed irritant Justin Bieber.

Bieber, so the report goes, stormed into a Starbucks in West Hollywood demanding to be served caramel apple machiatto, only for him to be refused his request because he was topless.

The global heartthrob is then alleged to have threatened staff before Griffin, who happened to be enjoying a drink nearby, stepped into sort out the situation.

After failing to reach a peaceful conclusion, Griffin then reportedly proceeded to ‘smack the s**t’ out of Bieber, leading the Canadian aggravator to stumble out of the shop in tears.

But is this story true? Well, click through the tabs and we shall tell you the answer, while also analysing some other crazy stories involving prominent sports stars.

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