Cesc Fabregas knows some Arsenal fans were unhappy with him

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Fabregas 'went home' in 2011.
Fabregas 'went home' in 2011..

Cesc Fabregas admitted he was aware he annoyed some Arsenal fans with the manner of his move to Barcelona.

Speaking to the BBC World Service, the former Gunners captain said he wanted fans of the Emirates Stadium club to understand that he still felt great affection for them and wished them well for the future.

However, the Barcelona star insisted his reasons for leaving Arsenal were sound and that the people who needed to know did, and they understood.

"I know some people felt bad when I left and they didn’t understand my reasons — they considered I left in bad manners," he said.

“The people who need to know the reasons, know them. The most important figure was [Arsenal manager] Arsene Wenger and I have to be grateful all my life to him."

Fabregas struggled in the early days of his Barcelona career and, after settling down into his role, was not making the starting line-up at the end of last season.

This led to speculation over his future at Camp Nou and Manchester United even made a bid for the Spain international.

Such uncertainty appears to be behind Fabregas now, however, as he is playing as well as he has done in a Barcelona shirt and he admitted he was feeling a lot better about things now.

"This team has been the best for a very long time and when you play with the best, they want you to be one of them," he added.

"For that, you need consistency and I feel I have that now, and I’m probably going through my best spell here.

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