Charlie Strong wants to put the T back in Texas

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Strong took charge in January
Strong took charge in January.

Since taking over at the Texas Longhorns in January, head coach Charlie Strong has imposed himself on the program.

Allegedly creating a fairly intense set of rule for players to abide by, and generally speaking in fairly dramatic language when discussing anything to do with the Longhorns, Strong has now come up with his own unique slogan to represent his aims...

"Put the T back in Texas"

Now what exactly does that mean? 

It is not immediately obvious, but speaking to the Austin television's KXAN, Strong explained the motto. And it seems there are four T's the ex-Louisville coach wants to impose on his team:

"No.1 is toughness. No. 2 is trust, togetherness, teamwork. Those things have to be done."

While he got his numbers mixed up a little, Strong is clearly a man that expects nothing but absolute dedication from his student-athletes - with mental strength as keenly targeted as natural talent. 

Strong arrived having led Louisville to an impressive 12-1 record, and is looking to help a talented group of players in Texas improve on a disappointing 8-5 campaign last time out.

And the 53-year old also revealed that taking over the job in Austin brings with it an increased level of scrutiny:

"Everybody has advice for you. Everybody has an opinion," said Strong.

And after talking the talk, the new Texas coach will certainly be under pressure to get his players to perform come Fall 2014.

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