I’ve always believed in maintaining equilibrium when it comes to topics relating to football.

If there’s argument to be made about a players shortcomings, there’s an argument to be made concerning his strengths. If there’s a host of reasons for wanting to sack a manager, there’s always just as many backing him up. You get the gist.

Only last week did we bring you our definitive list of the Top 10: Worst players at big clubs. It listed the stars we thought weren’t qualified for life at the top, and in general it received a good amount of feedback.

However, gravitating back to my earlier point, it’s only fair that we compile a list of the very best players at big clubs.

So here’s to those players in the Premier League who set the bench mark for the rest of the footballing world. Click on to see who makes our list for the Top 10: Best players playing for big clubs in England.

*Disclaimer - We haven’t taken form into account, this is purely based on ability.

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