Flappy bird, the irritatingly addictive smart phone game, has taken the world by storm.

But as we all know, its creator recently chose to remove the game from app stores thus leaving millions of fans devastated and with a small bird-shaped hole in their lives.

But do not fear, Miami Heat star LeBron James has come to the rescue - courtesy of a hilarious  modification of the game simply entitled 'Flappy Bron'.

The game, reportedly available on Android and IOS devices (sorry Iphone users), sees the NBA legend take on the familiar leading role - trying to avoid those pesky green pipes for as long as he can with little more than good old-fashioned arm power.

Now we know LeBron can get some hang time on dunks, but to get a score of anything above 2 - sorry that is just unrealistic!

The video above shows rare footage of the star in action, and, if you are a self-confessed flappy bird addict, is possibly the best nine-seconds of action you will see today.

Anyone managed to play it yet? 

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