NFL star Roddy White in bizarre arrest

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Roddy White has finally been caught by the law
Roddy White has finally been caught by the law.

An NFL player getting arrested is an all to familiar occurrence, but to get arrested for having tinted windows is a little bizarre. 

It's seems that is how Atlanta Falcons receiver Roddy White rolls, and has been given the full fist of the law as a result. 

TMZ Sports report that law enforcement told them cops pulled over White's Audi for speeding in the early hours, and then they also noticed a warrant for the wide-out's arrest. 

In February 2013, White was cited for having windows that were not transparent, which meant he was required to appear in court but he failed to reply. 

The judge had to issue a warrant after he blew of his court date, which led to his eventual arrest after getting caught speeding. 

White was taken to a nearby station where he was booked and posed for the photo above. 

It's understood that Roddy was a pure gentleman during the situation, and he was released in the end on a $168 bond. 

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