Newton and Kaepernick in shocking Katy Perry double-team effort

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The two rival quarterbacks will put their differences aside to host awards
The two rival quarterbacks will put their differences aside to host awards.

Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton attempted to perform a duet of Kay Perry's single 'Roar', but the rendition was disastrous in the best possible way. 

The star NFL quarterbacks should be put away for a long-time for the murder of Perry's song, but really it was just good fun as the two hosted Hall of Game Awards on Cartoon Network. 

Considering Kaepernick's NFC Championship Game shenanigans, it's amazing that they get along so well together, with Perry bringing together the long lost lovers. 

At the beginning of the transmission, they had some goofy banter about who should have been the main host of the awards event.

Cam then grabbed the microphone at one point and busted out his best tone-def version of the pop song and Colin followed suit with an even worse version. 

Kaepernick was even booed by kids in the audience when he stitched up some of the lyrics. This was all hilarious stuff, and credit to these guys for having some fun in the off-season. 

To view the duet video click here

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