Football wouldn’t be football without the anticipation of the next transfer window, and all the deals it could potentially harbour.

The mainstream media will always play upon the fact that rumours and speculation concerning potential transfers can guarantee interest from the masses, and so in this day and age any fan can wake up to see their side’s star player linked with a move to a different club.

It’s precisely this element of unpredictability which makes both the winter and summer transfer windows so appealing, and it got us thinking; just how good could a team made up of transfer targets be?

Now we’re not talking about the wishy washy stories which detail how Lionel Messi might leave Barcelona and join Manchester City, the only players you’ll find here are the ones who are more than likely primed for a summer move for one reason or another.

Click on to see who makes our transfer target XI. You never know, your favourite player might just find his way into the list….

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