The lesson of today's story is simple: Do not challenge a 6 foot, 80 kilogram professional athlete to a bet that could end up with you being slapped in the face.

One KICKTV member of staff learnt this the hard way yesterday and i'm sure he will not be forgetting it any time soon.

During the MLS' media day where the top stars in the league gather to create content and interact with fans on social media, one brave soul challenged USA international midfielder Maurice Edu to a slap bet. 

The individual in question told the Philadelphia Union loanee that he couldn't reach a score of 10 on the popular mobile game "Flappy Bird." He also told Edu that if he did so, he could slap him across the face.

Well as you can see in the above video from Edu's Instagram account, the former Rangers and current Stoke City player reaches the magic mark with ease and delights in his prize. 

The noise that Edu's hand hitting his victims face makes is brutal and brilliant all in one. 

You really have to blame the KICKTV man for all this. Footballers have a lot of free time and spend ages travelling so naturally find a way to alleviate boredom. Combine this with their natural competitiveness and they quickly become experts at all mobile apps and games. 

Just check out Javier Hernandez's score on Flappy Bird for proof. 

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