Johnny Manziel: Needs to focus on his mentality

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Is this the new Johnny Manziel?
Is this the new Johnny Manziel?.

Does Johnny Manziel's height really matter when it comes down to not only being an NFL quarterback, but being a great one at that?

Skill is about what you make to be, not just about how much of it you have got.

Practically every quarterback that comes through into the NFL can make all the throws as the phrase is known.

However, it's the ability to make good decisions on a regular basis that separates the best from the average in the NFL.

Having a strong skill set is obviously crucial to be able to play the game at the highest level, but it's character, application and a excellent mentality that makes a QB take their game to the next level.

Whatever you want to call it, players who make it into the Hall of Fame for example have that something extra. Something which sets them apart.

For Manziel it may end up being his hatred of losing that separates him from the class of QB's coming into the league through the NFL Draft this May.

The NFL Combine has shown a different side to Manziel, a side that goes against his wild partying antics during his college football career at Texas A&M.

First of all we have to remember that he is only 21 years old, so maybe he actually is changing and he will be a well behaved professional in his NFL career.

But at the end of the day he needs to stop baiting Houston into taking him first pick by saying it will be 'the worst mistake they ever make' by not taking him.

Manziel will be a great if he knuckles down and does some good solid hard work and stops focussing on the glamour that is associated with going number one overall in the NFL Draft. 

Lets hope for Johnny's sake he is more focused on his NFL career rather than going first in the Draft. 

We'll wait and see whether he has any followthrough during his career. 





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