David Ortiz is OK with a gay teammate

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David Ortiz for the Boston Red Sox
David Ortiz for the Boston Red Sox.

David Ortiz told the media yesterday that if an openly gay teammate would emerge from the Red Sox this season then he would show a welcoming acceptance towards them.

Ortiz is widely considered one of the most popular players in Major League Baseball and his positive stance towards the acceptance of homosexuality in professional sports will surely evoke a favourable reaction around the league.

So who is to thank for Ortiz's kind heart nature towards such a sensitive subject, that would be his mother Angela Ortiz, who taught him a valuable lesson of acceptance when he was young.

Ortiz explained to reporters of his childhood friend of which he said "we all knew, when he was 13, that he was gay. And he was always talking to my mother, telling her everything. They were close. And it was my mother who taught me to love people for who they are. That’s what she told me."

These words from Ortiz come following some very large announcements in other sports such as the recent signing of Jason Collins for the Brooklyn Nets, the NBA's first openly gay player.

As well as Michael Sam's journey to the NFL, since he publicly announced his sexual orientation.

Ortiz was willing to comment upon the case of Jason Collins, saying: “I’m pretty sure his opening up to the public and saying what he said, that (earned) him trust, and just being himself, feeling comfortable with the real person that he is, has to help him. I think as a human, as a person, we need to accept people for the way they are. It doesn’t matter where you come from, what colour you are, or coming out and what he said. I’m fine with that."

Ortiz reiterated to reporters that his statements were the opinion of himself and he was not speaking as a teams spokesman for the Red Sox. 

Boston Red Sox
Boston Red Sox
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