Didier Drogba has revealed that he could just have easily signed for West Ham before joining Chelsea. 

The Ivorian striker will face Chelsea for the first time since leaving tomorrow night in the Champions League round of 16 when he starts for Galatasaray.

Drogba will face Chelsea as a legend of the club after scoring 157 goals from the club; the last of which was the equalising goal in the Champions League final, which Chelsea went on to win thanks to Drogba's penalty in the shootout.

But it could have been so different for Drogba, who has revealed that he could just have easily signed for West Ham.

According to the Daily Express, West Ham's former scout Paul Montgomery talked Drogba into considering a move to Upton Park while he was still plying his trade for French outfit Guingamp.

Drogba confirmed as much in his pre-match press conference, telling reporters: "That was two years before moving to Chelsea, I could have gone there."

That story goes hand-in-hand with a story that Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger likes to tell. Wenger claims that he turned down the chance to make Drogba a Gunner despite being available for around £200,000. Wenger has always said the presence of Thierry Henry in the side prevented the move.

Drogba says that while he was generally unaware of interest from Wenger, he does remember discussing the possibility with his agents.

"I wasn't really aware of it at the time," said Drogba of interest from Wenger. "I think I spoke about it with my agents at the time.

"That’s life, you know, there's a few things, a few decisions that you make in life take you in a different direction."

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