Top 10: Overrated star names

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Click next to see the ten overrated star names (©GettyImages)
Click next to see the ten overrated star names (©GettyImages).

Everyone has an opinion as to which footballers are both underrated and overrated.

It’s a topic which both unites and divides football supporters of the same club and even of different teams.

Sometimes you spot a huge weakness in a highly-rated player which leaves you wondering what all the fuss is really about.

Alternatively, you see something special in a player who is often heavily criticised for his performances.

Here are 10 star names that I believe belong in the ‘overrated’ category, along with my reasoning for their inclusion.

Feel free to have your say - tell me if you agree or whether I’m talking nonsense.

Debates like these are part of the reason why we love the game, after all.

Petr Cech
Luis Nani
Antonio Valencia
Bacary Sagna
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