Big 10 games could be played on Friday nights

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The Big 10 could be set for a move
The Big 10 could be set for a move.

College football is traditionally reserved for Saturday afternoons, and evening kickoffs.

The main conferences rarely play games on any other day, but the Big 10 Conference could be set to change all that in the near future.

According to the Wisconsin State Journal, commissioner Jim Delany is openly putting the question of Friday night games to programs ahead of upcoming TV deal negotiations.

The move to Friday is being mooted in case it can be used as a bargaining tool when it comes to restructuring the current deals with networks, and would give Big 10 teams increased exposure on a unique platform.

The news is likely to be met with derision from long-standing college football traditionalists but, in a purely business sense, it makes sense as Delany looks to compete with the SEC, Big 12 and other conferences in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

But if you like your football on a Saturday, don't worry too much.

Current TV deals are in place until 2016 with Fox, and 2017 with ABC and ESPN so any potential switch is a while off yet.

Still it is interesting to see that the conference's top man is open to the suggestion.

What do you think? Would you support the move?

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