Carolina Panthers Jordan Gross retires at 33

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Jordan Gross
Jordan Gross.

Veteran offensive tackle and three time Pro Bowler Jordan Gross will retire during this off season, the Carolina Panthers have announced.

Gross holds the current record with the Panthers for the most games started at 167.

He retires at 33 years old, 11 years after being a first round pick, allowing his contract to expire.

He said in a statement on the team website: "'I've played a lot of football here, and I've seen a lot of guys come and a lot of guys go… There is good, young leadership, there are talented players, and there are guys that really want to work hard and want to win."

There has been an outpouring of goodwill from players around the league including former quarterback Jake Delhomme and current quarterback Cam Newton.

His greatest achievement in team success will go down to his rookie season where he helped the Panthers reach the Super Bowl 38. A success they haven't been able to repeat since.

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