Floyd Mayweather will fight Amir Khan in the future

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Mayweather still wants to fight Khan
Mayweather still wants to fight Khan.

Floyd Mayweather is open to fighting Amir Khan in the future, despite snubbing the Bolton-born boxer in favour of a May bout with Argentine Marcos Maidana, according to promoters Golden Boy.

Khan expressed his bitter disappointment in a recently-released statement after Mayweather overlooked him.

However, Golden Boy chief executive Richard Schaefer claims that a big-money fight will still go ahead in the future after speaking with Mayweather

"I saw Floyd on Monday night at the Los Angeles Lakers basketball game and he was telling me, 'tell Amir that it's not going to happen now, but it will happen'," Schaefer was quoted as saying by ESPN. "So he's definitely open to eventually fighting Amir."

Schaefer also revealed that, had Maidana not recorded a shock win over Mayweather’s close friend Adrien Broner, Khan could have been the man fighting the WBC welterweight world champions in Las Vegas on May 3.

"What Maidana did to Broner really changed the dynamics. Mayweather and the fight fans in the US, and the US media felt that Maidana was the bigger fight, more dangerous fight at this particular point for Floyd,” he added.

"That doesn't mean that a fight between Amir Khan and Mayweather is never going to happen. I believed it then and I believe it now that Amir Khan has the skills and that one weapon - which I think is going to give Floyd Mayweather a lot of problems - and that is his hand speed.

"Amir's the fastest fighter in the world. He can clearly give trouble to Mayweather, so I believe that fight is going to happen. It's just not now."

While Khan, who turned down a world title fight against Devon Alexander in order to increase his chances of fighting Mayweather, is likely to be sceptical - it at least gives hope to the Brit that he will get the chance to test himself in a big-money bout against one of the greatest boxers of all time.

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