Milwaukee Brewers adopt a spring training mascot

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Hank, the Milwaukee Brewers unofficial mascot. (Twitter)
Hank, the Milwaukee Brewers unofficial mascot. (Twitter).

Warning: This post will cause you to make some serious "aaaaawwwwww" noises.

The Milwaukee Brewers are enjoying their spring training in Arizona for this MLB pre-season and so is their new friend.

The Brewers have noticed a stray dog hanging around their camp and decided to do they only thing they could. Adopt it.

Thanks to ESPN Sports Centre on twitter, we got a glimpse of the little cutie, Hank.

Not only has he had a check up with the vet but he's also been outfitted with the uniform as well.

Of course, I'm sure hank has a proper home and the owners will come forward to claim him… But LOOK AT THE CUTE PUPPY!

If this isn't going to be the best excuse for getting your significant other to let you watch a game then I don't know what is.

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