Clemson suspend four players for Georgia season opener

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Crawford will be missing versus Georgia
Crawford will be missing versus Georgia.

Clemson may not play against the Georgia Bulldogs until August 30, but we already know they will be without four players for the season opener.

That is because Corey Crawford, David Beasley, Garry Peters and Shaq Anthony have been suspended by the Tigers for a violation of team rules, coach Dabo Swinney announced today:

"These are four good young men, but they broke a team rule and as a result, they will each miss a game.

"I am hopeful that they will learn and grow from this and have a great 2014 season on and off the field," Swinney explained.

Both Crawford (defensive end) and Beasley (offensive guard) were starts for Clemson last season with Crawford registering 10.5 tackles for loss and three sacks in his 12 starts for the Tigers.

Anthony and Peters meanwhile are expected to compete for starting roles this year, but will have to do so after coming back from this off field setback.

"A huge part of our program is teaching accountability, responsibility and that there are consequences for your actions," the coach warned when announcing the decision.

It is unclear at present what has led to the suspension but all four players will hope it will not affect their 2014 season.

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