Report: Penn State whistleblower Mike McQueary told players he was abused

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McQueary during his time at Penn State
McQueary during his time at Penn State.

Mike McQueary, formerly a player at Penn State and an assistant coach who is now a key prosecution witness in relation to the 2011 illegal activity at the University, has recently conducted a lengthy interview with ESPN The Magazine.

And as well as discussing his thoughts on former mentor Joe Paterno, the profile includes some previously unknown revelations as reported to ESPN.

In the wake of the 39-year old exposing the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse scandal the former coach allegedly spoke to Penn State players about his own difficult past in November 2011:


"McQueary confided in his players something he hoped would make them understand how he'd reacted at the time. He told them he could relate to the fear and helplessness felt by the boy in the shower because he too was sexually abused as a boy."

McQueary is currently in the middle of a $4 million whistleblower lawsuit against Penn State in relation to the events in 2011 arguing over lost wages after his contract was not renewed in 2012, and himself chose not to be quoted directly on the abuse story.

The profile also includes accusations that McQueary accrued huge gambling debts while playing for Penn State in the 90s while also including praise for former head coach Paterno who died in 2012.

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