Watch: Kobe Bryant makes Lionel Richie cry in new Foot Locker ad

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And now Kobe's weird Instagram posts of Kobe Brand pianos make sense.

Kobe Bryant is revealed as the ultimate craftsman in a new FootLocker commercial starring the Lakers man.

The minute long ad serves to show that there is nothing the 16-time All-Star can't do as he is shown lovingly creating an immaculate 'Kobe Piano' with his bare hands.

"Ring covered fingers that hit over 31,000 career points" no less.

The hyper-dramatic commercial, complete with intense movie-style voiceover, then sees Kobe's creation take the world by storm.

It seems his talents know no bounds and his craftsmanship even brings Lionel Richie to tears - as well as bringing world peace through it's beauty.

But in the end FootLocker snaps us back to reality and reveals what we had all been waiting for...

The Kobe 9 Collection.

"The greatest grand collection of grand collections" as the shoe company puts it.

And in fairness, while Kobe might not be able to design pianos, they are some pretty good looking shoes.

So while the Lakers man may be struggling to get back to the court, at least it looks like he has a fairly successful career after basketball ahead!

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