The NFL have released figures to show which players, and teams, had the best-selling jerseys and merchandise over the past year.

And it looks like the figures matched up pretty close with the football that was played last season.

Seattle Seahawks' rising star Russell Wilson came out on top, with Peyton Manning having to settle for second place much like at MetLife Stadium in the Super Bowl.

The top four best-selling jerseys all belonged to quarterbacks with 49ers play-caller Colin Kaepernick, and long-time marketing favorite Tom Brady coming in third and fourth.

Seahawks pair Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman, both incredibly popular figures during the team's run to the Lombardi trophy, were the first non-QB's in the list.

And there was a similar patter in terms of the NFL's top merchandise sales too.

The Seahawks again topped the list followed by the Broncos and their divisional rivals the San Francisco 49ers.

'America's team' the Dallas Cowboys showed they were still popular despite a torrid season finishing just ahead of the New England Patriots in fourth spot.

The top 10 player jersey sales in full:

1 - Russell Wilson - Seattle Seahawks

2 - Peyton Manning - Denver Broncos

3 - Colin Kaepernich - San Francisco 49ers

4 - Tom Brady - New England Patriots

5 - Marshawn Lynch - Seattle Seahawks

6 - Richard Sherman - Seattle Seahawks

7 - Drew Brees - New Orleans Saints

9 - Aaron Rodgers - Green Bay Packers

10 - Ryan Tannehill - Miami Dolphins