WWE star and newly converted Everton fan, Fandango went on a tour of the club's ground recently. Whilst on the tour, the wrestler stopped to answer questions from the club's media outlet.

You can watch the tour in the video above taken from the official Everton FC YouTube account.

Fandango has explained recently that a number of his followers wanted his theme music played at Goodison Park after the track has soared in popularity on both sides of the Atlantic. 

After what the wrestler describes as 'a bit of friendly twitter banter back and forth' the club finally agreed to play the music and Fandango is now a self confessed fan of the team.

His knowledge isn't too bad either; he said to nobody's surprise that American goalkeeper, Tim Howard is his favorite player.

However he said that he would not like to get in the ring with Romelu Lukaku, calling the big Belgian forward, "definitely intimidating."

Now that is a match I think we would all like to see.