The top five rappers in the NBA: Kobe, Shaq and more

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Going old school (©GettyImages)
Going old school (©GettyImages).

Fourty-two year's ago to this very day Shaquille O'Neil was born...and the world was immediately a better place.

Shaq has led an eventful life, partaking in everything from movie's and post-game analysis, to video game design and mixed martial arts - not to mention the 19 years he spent playing in the NBA.

But perhaps his crowning achievement is his platinum-selling rap career which began in 1993.

And, fortunately for us, Shaq is not the only NBA player, past or present, to get involved in the rap game.

Here are the five best "rappers" the NBA has ever produced.

(An honorable mention must go to Nick Young who is leading the future generation)

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