WWE: Conan O'Brien takes on The Rock on WWE 2K14

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Well that is a match up we never thought we would see.

The much-loved television talk show host Conan O'Brien against the people's champ, The Rock.

Ok so it took place via the medium of video game, but that is for O'Brien's safety more than anything else.

The host of 'Conan' was playing WWE 2K14 as part of his regular 'Clueless Gamer' segment and, playing against Aaron Blair, he first chose his Irish sole mate Seamus for a fight against Kane.

And after mocking the wrestler as "Louis CK crossed with Bart Simpson" he was clearly left unimpressed with his performance.

Conan quickly moves on to utilising the character creation feature of WWE 2K14 and that is when the fun really starts.

Conan's pixilated interpretation of himself is possibly the skinniest man ever to enter a wrestling ring, and dressed in a signature smart shirt and tie, he is matched up against The Rock.

Taking on the legendary wrestler's character in a 'fire match' Conan overcomes his unfamiliarity with the game to dominate the contest - butting smashing personified.

And, buoyed by the victory, Conan was even confident that he would "kick the c**p out of The Rock" in a real match up.

He better hope Dwayne Johnson didn't hear that.

Check out the video above, or via this link for the show's official YouTube channel.

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