Matt Cassel U-turn changes Minnesota Vikings off-season strategy

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Matt Cassel likely to return to the Minnesota Vikings
Matt Cassel likely to return to the Minnesota Vikings.

Matt Cassel looks to be staying with the Minnesota Vikings after sources close to the organization claim he is set to sign a new two-year deal.

Cassel voided the final year of his contract with the Vikings last month believing he could get a better deal in the open market, but left the NFC team on good terms.

He left an estimated $3.7 million on the table with the Vikings when he left his previous deal and is now expected to sign a new deal similar to the one Chad Henne signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars on Friday.

Cassel resigning with Minnesota could have a chain reaction to the future of Christian Ponder who may now have to rethink his career path.

Back in February, Vikings GM Rick Spielman claimed that: "Christian will be here; I don’t anticipate anything — him not being here,” 

This statement was made however when Cassel had voided his deal and other Vikings Quarterback Josh Freeman was heading to free agency.

Most people now expect the Vikings to attempt to trade Ponder and draft a young Quarterback who can be nurtured and groomed for the future.

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