Richard Sherman has won another twitter battle after outdueling free agent LeGarrette Blount over what started as a congratulations for recent Patriots signing Aqib Talib.

The disagreement stemmed from Blount tweeting congratulations to friend and former teammate Aqib Talib after he secured a big money move the New England Patriots.

Blount announced that Talib deserved to paid the massive $57 million deal he agreed with the Patriots because he was: "THE BEST CORNER IN THE LEAGUE"

After being tweeted by a fan asking whether he'd forgot about Sherman, Blount simply responded with "Talib" before deciding to engage the Seattle cornerback in the discussion he was having.

Blount tweeted Sherman saying: "in my opinion he the best bruh sorry... Can't change my mind..."

Sherman who always seems to be active on the social network site immediately responded with: "it's all good.... Hard to argue with friendship"

This is where the debate began as Blount felt compelled to reiterate his belief to Sherman that Talib was in fact was the best cornerback in the NFL.

Blount started with: "He's the best bruh. I've seen what he does to WR/TE in person and I'm sure you have too. Friendship aside he's the best..." before adding "I've seen you do it & he has to. But he do it on both sides. He follow the best receiver on the field every game and strap him."

Now Sherman begins to argue his corner: "I just totally lock down one! And pick off passes that come over there.... Rarely ever giving up need to follow"

After Blount exclaimed to Sherman that he doesn't cover the best receiver of the opposition team, Sherman decided to remind Blount that football is in fact a team sport and that he has faith in his defence.

The killer blows came as Sherman must've taken a glance at his shiny Super Bowl, he told Blount: "that's why I am an all pro and SB champ"

The free agent running back had one final response: "was Aqib not an all pro/pro bowler this year? I think he was... That's why he got paid like the best... He is.."

Then Sherman finished the debate once and for all: "did that help y'all win the bowl or nah?"

As this twitter argument developed it seemed as though Blount would hold his own but the reigning trash-talking champion was not going to be beaten in his own playground.

Sherman reminded everyone of his Championship triumph and why he is not to be challenged in a debate.

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