The Miami Heat have been remarkably consistent through the first four years of the "Big Three" era.

All four seasons they were 39-14 through 55 games.

The first three seasons, they won the division by at least six games, they currently have a 12 game lead on Washington.

And each year in the spring the media looks for a fatal flaw in the the Heat.

In year one, it was the lack of clutch play against the Bulls during the regular season...Miami won the playoff series against Chicago in five games.

In year two it was weather Miami had the championship mettle to get over having lost in the finals the year before...The Heat won the finals in five games.

Last year it was if the Heat were expending too much energy during the long winning streak, and not saving enough for the playoffs...Miami won seven game series in both the conference and NBA finals.

This year its become about a proverbial thorn in the side, as the Brooklyn Nets have beaten the Heat all three times they've played.

This has caused some consternation among Heat fans, and left some national commentators wondering if the Nets have the Heat's kryptonite.

Well, they don' least nor over the course of a playoff series.

While Brooklyn has a few things that can bother Miami (quality wing depth, quality back court size) the fact that the Nets have taken three regular season games from Miami is no cause for alarm.

Remember the 2010-11 season when Miami couldn't get over the regular season hump that was the Chicago Bulls, and the Heat made short work of the Bulls in the playoffs.

What wins on a night in March, isn't always what wins on four out of seven nights in May and June.

Miami happens to have what wins on both kinds of nights. 

This league is, and has historically been led by teams with tremendous top shelf talent, and in whatever era, its been the cause that creates the effect of greatness.

So Brooklyn can celebrate their wins over Miami, and also being the current five-seed in the the east playoffs.

I'm sure all this recent talk about this "rivalry" will be all the Heat need for motivation if they are to meet the Nets in the playoffs.

Also, the Heat travel to Brooklyn on April 8, so keep an eye out for that match up. 

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