Julius Peppers is a rare breed of defensive player, with both strength and speed in abundance.

So far it has been a career rich in quality production that Peppers has enjoyed. Wherever he has been has made a significant impact. 

Peppers started off in Carolina as a brute force pass rusher enforcer for the Panthers.

After several years playing for the NFC South team, he took his talents to Chicago in 2012.
Two years with the Bears has if anything enhanced his reputation, but now at the age of 32, his salary outweighs his quality for a Bears side that needed a change up.

That's why Peppers was released from the Windy City and forced to look elsewhere.

But which NFL team acts as the best option for Peppers for the 2014 NFL season?

Many different teams might feel they have a chance to secure his services, but one team in particular would act as the perfect fit.

That team is the Dallas Cowboys because of their need for a pass rusher.

This week they released DeMarcus Ware and they desperately need to fill the void.

Peppers falls into the category of ready made replacements and the Cowboys would be wise to make that move.

Chicago Bears
Dallas Cowboys