The NHL is considering an overhaul of its draft lottery policies in a move that could wake up the whole league, according to Elliotte Friedman of CBC's "Hockey Night in Canada."

It's understood that the first five picks in the draft may still be subject to the same lottery system, but further down the picking line there may be some room for manoeuvers.

These changes may make fans and commentators alike reconsider their thinking about whether or not the Buffalo Sabres will actually get the first pick of the 2015 NHL draft.

In the current climate, a team that finishes in 30th will get a pick that is no worse than second in the draft.

But new proposed rule changes mean the team that finishes in last place could draft as low as sixth.

Details are still being discussed but Friedman explains that draft odds could also change, which could alter the plans of many NHL teams.

"Currently, the last-place squad gets a 25 per cent chance of snaring the top choice, with the best non-playoff finisher at 0.5 per cent. That may be different, too," he wrote.

"What we're looking at here is a system where the odds would be weighted by how positions 17 through 30 in the NHL standings finish over a five-year period relative to the final playoff qualifier. The exact formula is not yet determined."


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