Zero NFL sides want Michael Vick

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Vick could well start the season without a club
Vick could well start the season without a club.

Michael Vick needs a new agent. Either that or it may just be his time to retire from professional football.

The veteran quarterback's phone has been awfully silent during this years free agency period and at the moment there are no indications whether it will soon be picking up or not.

At the time of the opening of free agency it was rumored that the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills could be interested in the 33-year old, but nothing has happened and Buffalo even went as far as to deny they are interested in Vick or any new QB for that matter, while it seems the Jets are willing to let Geno Smith develop and finally throw to some decent targets.

And it doesn't look like it's going to get much better for the former Philadelphia Eagle. From Anwar Richardson of Yahoo Sports:

"So far, Vick has not visited a team.

If you need further proof about the lack of interest in Vick, San Francisco gave up a sixth-round pick for Jacksonville’s Blaine Gabbert, who has been an NFL bust since being selected in the first round of the 2011 draft.

Vick’s career may not be over, but it is definitely coming to an end."

There's more to take into account however. Houston, Cleveland, Jacksonville, Oakland and Minnesota all need a starter or someone to challenge their current number one. But none of them are interested in Vick.

They are looking to this years draft for their new guy, and when you consider how poor this years quarterback class is then it says a lot.

Tampa Bay signed Josh McCown to be their new starter while the Raiders are waiting to see if Matt Schaub or Mark Sanchez become available. Teams are actually more interested in the QB on the worst team last year in the league and the butt-fumble guy ahead of the four-time Pro-Bowler Vick.

The silence around Michael Vick right now is deafening. This could be the beginning of the end.

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