MLB 14: The Show to get career mode overhaul

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MLB 14: The Show will include a complete overhaul of it's career mode according to a developers blog released yesterday.

In the video blog, designer Kirby St John reveals that the 'Road To The Show' game mode which enables players to play through an entire career in baseball will be evolved from previous editions of the game.

New features include a more dynamic creation process where players can be based off the appearances of current MLB players.

In addition, once the player is created you can participate in the 'amateur showcase', effectively a four team tournament similar to the rookie showcase where your created player can impress virtual scouts before the draft.

The draft is another area that has evolved, instead of being given a team at random as in past editions, now you can hear every name called in the round in which you are drafted. The team that select your player will even call out your name.

In another interesting feature, should you not want to play for the team that selected you for any reason you can now choose to go back to college and wait a few years before turning pro. This will obviously age your player and presumably shrink your career but it might be worth it if you really can't stand the idea of playing for the Miami Marlins.

St. John goes over a host of other features which will be available in the game when it is released on April 1st. See them all in the video above.

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