The WWE will keep the CM Punk character in their adult cartoon series of Slam City, reports

Slam City, which is expected to hit the WWE Network later this year, will see a number of the WWE superstars portrayed as cartoon characters.

24 episodes are set to be shown to the 'Wrestling Universe' post WrestleMania and Punk looks set to stay on the series despite uncertainty surrounding his future with the industry. 

Punk hasn't been seen in the WWE since lasting over an hour in January's Royal Rumble, and it's unlikely that he will return anytime soon. 

WWE fans are desperate for Punk to return to the wrestling scene, but they may have to settle for watching him in the new cartoon series. 

However it appears that Punk's character will be given a minimal role in the series as the WWE look to further distance themselves from the self proclaimed 'Best in the World'.


CM Punk