Teddy Bridgewater accuracy affected by gloves at pro day

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Bridgewater wore gloves throughout his career at Louisville
Bridgewater wore gloves throughout his career at Louisville.

Teddy Bridgewater believes that the decision not to wear gloves during his pro day affected his performance according to Gil Brandt.'s senior analyst, Brandt tweeted earlier today: "Talked to Teddy Bridgewater last night. Believes accuarcy issues at pro day were affected by decision to not wear gloves."

Bridgewater's hands measured at 9 1/4 inches which were smaller than both Blake Bortles and Johnny Maziel. It was revealed at the combine that the Louisville man wore gloves in order to keep a firm grip on the ball due to his small hands.

It appears that the problem has now struck again for Bridgewater at could well be to his detriment as the NFL draft looms closer. 

Mike Mayock, a draft scout for said that Bridgewater's pro day performance was 'average at best' and the quarterback has now slid on a number of draft boards.

It remains to be seen whether NFL teams will consider Bridgewater's glove dilemma an issue and by how much it will affect his draft stock.

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