Is Mark Sanchez the quarterback for Cleveland Browns?

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Headed to Cleveland?
Headed to Cleveland?.

The New York Jets will soon have to make a decision over exiled quarterback Mark Sanchez. Sanchez is due a $2 million roster bonus if he is still on the Jets by Tuesday. However there may now be a team that is ready to take the former USC man of their hands.

The Cleveland Browns cut two quarterbacks from their roster last week with both Brandon Weeden and Jason Campbell joining new teams. It was thought that the Browns would look to strengthen the  quarterback position in the draft, however they may now make a play for the experienced Sanchez instead.

Sanchez led the New York Jets to two AFC Championship games in 2009 and 2010, which is a better resume than most Browns quarterbacks in recent history can boast to.

It is reported that the Jets will receive Michael Vick for a visit this week and will most likely make a decision after that. It is possible that they will either look to restructure Sanchez's expensive contract or trade him away if a possible partner were to come available.

That partner could well be the Cleveland Browns. The Browns have two draft picks in the first round and five in the first three rounds. They could put together a number of those picks in order to get Sanchez, a far more NFL ready prospect than any of the quarterbacks being talked about in this year's draft.

Sanchez, let's not forget, was very close to winning the starting quarterback job last year from Geno Smith before a pre-season injury put him on the sidelines. With an offensive weapon like Josh Gordon, Sanchez could be the fresh start at quarterback that the Cleveland Browns so desperately need.

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