Michael Jordan called 76ers to apologise after Nike shoe blowup

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Jordan took it personally
Jordan took it personally.

In recent weeks there has been a spate of shoe malfunctions in the NBA.

First there was Manu Ginobili's self-combusting sneaker, and then Andrew Bogut suffered from a similar issue.

And last Friday, Philadelphia 76ers' Tony Wroten was the latest to be struck by the odd phenomenon.

In a game against the Indiana Pacers the guard was making his way to the net when his Air Jordan 10 sneaker literally came apart at the seem, leaving his sole far behind.

And this was the final straw for NBA legend Michael Jordan.

The six-time NBA champion is now making ridiculously money as the front of the Jordan shoe empire, bringing in a reported $90 million last year, and clearly takes any issues with his shoes personally.

As reported by Deleware News Journal, MJ spoke to Wroten's agent in the aftermath of the incident:

"It was more embarrassing than anything.

"But things happen. I got an apology from Jordan. Yeah...He called my agent," said Wroten.

It makes sense I guess. MJ wouldn't have stood for that sort of equipment malfunction while he was dominating on the court, and it is good to see him taking his post-pro career seriously.

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